Friday, July 18, 2014

The Idea That Shook The World.

Summer is a great time for everyone to experience musical theater, and the next project i have to report is Atomic. It's a new off-Broadway rock musical that delves into, focusing on Leo Szilard who lies in-between ethics, progress, and love during The Manhattan Project
This musical being one of the many to appear at Broadway In The Park, has blown most "new musicals" out of the water, at least in the Punk Rock Theater Chick's mind.
The sample Park-goers were lucky enough to receive at Broadway In The Park was positively splendid. 
While there, I was able to meet the composer and actors, and I must say, if for little else but their personalities, this show will succeed. 
Broadway, unlike Television, is a place where while you pretend to be someone else in a dark theater for two hours, your true soul is bared to the audience, 100%, and your cast can make or break your show. If there isn't in-cast chemistry, or they detest the show, the audience can easily pick up on it. This cast is almost guaranteed to make this musical a success.

Though, I must say, the show speaks for its cast. It comes across an event that changed the world, while throwing in a spectacular, modern score that makes the show a complete seller to fans.
Danny Ginges, Gregory Bonisgnore and Philip Foxman managed to seamlessly weave together modern spectacle with a story of old that excites everyone from the "Rock On Teen" to the Theater Going Oldies. 

The cast is made up of such a positive energy that it's sure to be a hit with audiences everywhere.

Their performance, one of the most interesting I have seen, was done by Sarah Gettelfinger, Jonathon Hammond, Randy Harrison, Jeremy Kushnier and Grace stockdale. While I haven't found any copies of the show's performance online, I will be sure to update this article to share it with you if I'm able to come across it.

The cast and creative team include David Abeles, Alexis Fishman, Sara Gettelfinger, Ethan Hammond, Randy Harrison, Jeremy Kushnier, James David Larson, Euan Morton, Grace Stockdale, and the creavtive list goes on and on, as these 9 actors bring to life a story to shake the off-broadway world.

Plus, the punk-rock tunes make it ideal for those who read this blog!
This spectacle is only here for an 8 week run ending on August 16th, so if you only have one opportunity to see a show while you're here, I recommend it, as you won't have much of an chance to. Plus! big bonus! Tickets are only about 70$. 
You can catch it at The Acorn Theatre. I guarantee it leaves an impact on you.

"Headlights" From Atomic (I recommend this song a lot, if only because it's so powerful and beautiful) 

Till next time, stay wicked

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